Hello blogworld… Its the 1st day of December, I smell christmas yippee! I’m excited about this & I know you are too!

We all know this is a season for LOVE! Love like you feel it! It could be in exchange of gifts, in giving of alms, just show some love!

Now what is love? Over the years, they’ve been literally thousands of definitions of love, it grows and changes with time, my point is we don’t have to define it via another person’s perception! Personally I believe love is FREEDOM…

As a result of this, I got a couple of people to give their opinion, here’s what they had to say:

‘I think love is overrated, but its a beautiful union if entered with a clean heart!’
Rachel, 21

Love is money!
Hemsy, 24

Love is peace and sharing of feelings.
Doshy, 21

Love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind!
Henry, 26

I think love is when you put someone’s feelings and priorities before yours.
Onyema, 30

Love is a sweet feeling that gives constant erection!
Gilakin, 38

Love is a feeling you can’t control!
Deola, 22

Love is like a cigarette, it starts with a spark but ends in ashes!
Val, 29

Love is giving someone the opportunity to break your heart!
Hembadoon, 19

Love is the silliest of all emotions which gives a strong lasting feeling of euphoria!
Eljon, 26

Love is giving her flowers for no reason & telling her she looks beautiful when she doesn’t!
Mega, 25

Love is two bodies living in one soul
Oche, 24

Love is sacrifice!
Elemcee, 26

A strong feeling about a person that makes u overlook their flaws & accept their excesses
Princess, 21

That’s it! But hey, no matter what you think best defines it, just show somebody love this season!!!


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