The skin is the most important part of the human body, especially to the females, this is the part people take note of upon meeting! A smooth, spotless, even toned facial skin exudes beauty beyond measure, A spotty, rough, face with lots of pimples & blemishes gives people a negative impression about you!

The facial skin does a lot for us, and thus needs lots and lots of care. Due to exposure to sunlight & germs, the skin tends to be a bit sensitive at times, which makes it even more difficult to manage! Look at your face as your best asset, be it your car, laptop, mobile phone… Or even a best friend! Whatever it is that means the world to you, In order to understand it you need to be Patient & Persistent! Sometimes it seams no facial scrub or cleanser works for you! Wrong! There’s something you’re doing wrong!

In order to achieve the perfect facial skin, one should cleanse the face regularly – in the morning & at night, most people find that quite hectic, in that case the night time is fine! Remember never to go to bed with your makeup on! That’s a big No No! It is good to also exfoliate, moisturize and use the sunscreen! This is necessary as most products while cleansing sucks up your natural facial oil… The moisturizer helps to bring back that lost oil which is very well needed!

Believe it or not! Water & sleep really works wonders for the skin most especially the facial skin! Did u ever hear of the old time cliché “Beauty Sleep”? While asleep, the body produces chemicals that helps fight germs that causes pimples and blemishes… This means the longer you sleep, the more time your body has to fight these germs… Have you ever noticed how that one single pimple growing mysteriously disappeared overnight?!

It is important to note that the key to success here is CONSISTENCY! A lot of us have a problem with that! You shouldn’t stop using a product because you’re not seeing results… Its not magic! If you have issues in getting products that work on you, you should visit a dermatologist to find out what skin type you’ve got.

Finally, when you start seeing results, don’t hurriedly stop use of products, you have to make it a habit, else you’ll find yourself back to where you started… Unless you can stay out of sun/harsh weather and germs forever! Jk! (I’m not!)

NOTE: This does not apply only to the ladies… Guys inclusive! Yeah I said it! I know it sounds weird cleansing, exfoliating & moisturising bla bla bla! But I think we have to do something about your shave bumps! Don’t you think?

Love Always
Patience Igomu


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