The world is indeed a global village. And it only gets better. For every thing that has advantages must have disadvantages right? Sometime back we had networks like  Facebook, hi5, Perspot, NaNaija etc… & very few people had access to computers & mobile phones (which could access the net for that matter) they was less traffic on these networks, & they weren’t a medium for social acceptance

But now technology has seized our world. We have such cool gadgets. Mobile phones of kinds, computers of better tastes, tablets & notebooks, & they’re affordable now! We have equally better social networks – Twitter,  Instagram, Keek, Vine, Path & other media sharing networks I might not have heard of.

For instance INSTAGRAM. How did this fun app full of pretty pictures shape-shift into an ugly addiction? The underlying source is in our DNA; it’s human nature to want to be accepted by our community, a characteristic that has been manipulated since Facebook’s thumbs-up came into our lives.

Even the most confident person is susceptible to placing too much importance on the trade of approval and rejection in the social media world. Whether you admit it or not, there is some sting in getting only one or two engaged comments or likes on an impassioned status update or a photo of your new hairdo or outfit that you’re not comfortable with yet. In the end, we just want to be approved of by our peers and failure for this gets one depressed

Paradoxically, social media can sometimes actually put distance between us and our friends or our experiences, under the guise of connectedness. A birthday cake or present in the past have become uninspired well wishes on a digital wall. What rudeness!

Constantly keeping tabs on friends through their facebook wall or twitter time line takes the place of catching up face-to-face because you already know everything that’s been going on with them (some parents even have accounts on these networks to keep tabs on their kids instead of sitting them down and talking to them after dinner-the old fashioned way) Shows & events become a battle to capture the moment for your instagram to prove how amazing it was instead of savouring a beautiful moment you might never get again!

So what ever happened to taking a picture just for yourself, for your better half, maybe to put into a frame and place on your Tv stand or desk in the office? Better still what happened to just looking at something and enjoying it and having that be enough?

It gets worse. People reveal too much about themselves. No one needs to know where you’re going to “turn up” tonight, or your shapeless bank account (btw the truly rich people are so busy spending their money that they don’t have time to tweet about it. Remember what they say about empty vessels? Yeah) Or which country you plan to vacay in. Seriously?

How about your security, you update your 7, 942 followers about your whereabouts 247. Or maybe your front door which is bad, or that you’re home alone… (& you were rude to some cultists in your school sometime ago)… Careful people!

Everyone is guilty of these allegations… Me, you, everybody. Personally I give my self a break from these social networks sometimes to prove to myself I’m not yet an addict. Oh well…


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