• Why are men constantly staring at beautiful women, nude or otherwise? 

Hmmm! Provocative question, here’s my honest opinion based on my observation & discussion with a few male friends…

Men, regardless of relationship status, get a chemical high in seeing attractive women, they appreciate the female form, either clothed or naked. They are aroused by images of physically attractive females. Since the beginning of time, men were designed to spread their seed. men are not, by nature, monogamous creatures. They choose monogamy because they think that it’s more beneficial to have love, stability, and a nuclear family, monogamy is a choice, not a natural state. 

In my opinion, a man’s sexual attraction has nothing to do with her personality or their compatibility. It is entirely based on physical attraction, which they feel instantly with the release of dopamine, testosterone. This is why men can know if they want to sleep with a lady in less than five seconds of meeting her! As far as what’s physically attractive, most men agree that symmetrical faces with small noses and certain hip to waist ratios (thin waist, wider hips) are considered attractive. Naturally, there are some men who like older women or heavier women. Still some men are just fascinated with the idea of something new or different… Moving on!

Also, a man’s sexual taste & feelings of attraction don’t disappear because he is in love with another woman. His intense feelings of chemistry for his girlfriend/wife may lessen his desire to look elsewhere for sex… Say 18 to 36 months. But once those feelings go away, his attraction will still spike every time he sees an attractive woman. They begin to attend parties, events, or even look out on social networks, anywhere just to give themselves the pleasure of seeing/meeting women!

Men can admit attraction to certain females, watch porn, fantasize about female celebrities, & still be great boyfriends/Husbands! They like to eat their cake & have it. 

So why do men cheat…

It is because they’re perpetually attracted to new women…

Because they’re high profile, rich, ambitious men who are desirable to most women who indulge them… & the men think they’re so important that the rules don’t apply to them…

Because they travel a lot & are frequently exposed to temptations & they don’t value their girlfriends/wives as much as the thrill…

Because they don’t rationally calculate the value of their losses, a breakup/divorce is the last thing on their minds their pants around their ankles… 

Men would be perfectly content having missionary sex with a new woman every night. Whereas Women would be perfectly content with the same man forever, as long as he remained faithful to her!

But It’s okay to admire other women whether in real life or on the Internet, as long as he doesn’t act on that… Which means his desire for his partner is stronger than any sexual impulse to be with someone else! And no! Men are not all the same! Some men are only attracted to their girlfriend/wife… They can overcome temptations & advances from even the most beautiful woman on earth!

So ladies… You don’t have to worry about that attractive brown skin lady at the wedding reception with the nice round ass, because she doesn’t mean any more to him than his tall, skinny colleague with the mini skirt! Other “beautiful women” are a fact of life, someone will always be prettier than you, you might as well get used to it!


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