Where do I begin?!!

So I’ve been using Shea butter on my hair for a couple years now, I use it especially to moisturize, minimize breakage & split ends, enhance hair growth and protect my fragile edges. During the last harmattan season, I had a skin emergency! my regular body cream lacked the right quantity of oils to moisturize my sensitive skin so it literally began to crack & scale!

Out of desperation I began to use the Shea butter originally meant for my hair on my skin just because I needed something extra oily to mask the scaling while waiting it out… It was uncomfortable at first as Shea butter doesn’t particularly have the best scent! But gradually I became used to the nutty smell and it was no longer a big deal!

3weeks into my Shea butter episode, I noticed something really magical! My skin texture began to improve & it was the best I ever looked my entire life, Shea butter got me back to my original tawny brown shade! It took care of my hyper pigments, I do not have acne but there was a certain radiance about my facial skin. Luckily for me, I got the raw African Shea butter which is rich in vitamins A, C & E. Harmattan is long over & I am still using Shea butter, i turned it to my night cream to heal from sunburns & as a daily moisturizer!

The key is finding the raw Shea butter as the refined products do little or nothing for you! Watch out for adulterations & avoid using any artificial heat to melt the cream. Personally I believe using artificial heat on Shea butter kills some of its nutrients. Shea butter melts in the hands or on the skin when applied and most times a little goes along way!


So ladies & even the guys too can try this & tell us what you got! Shea butter has no side effects so you have nothing to worry about when you don’t get desired results, you simply switch to your regular creams! 


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