Every now and then I see posts on social media with captions #selflove or people (mostly ladies) with posts tagging themselves as their own Woman crush, & I wonder if these people understand the true meaning of the concept self love. There’s a common misconception that living lavish lifestyles, having successful businesses or careers, driving fancy cars, shopping & frequent vacation trips are a demonstration of self love. We usually underestimate the value & importance of self love to our emotional wellbeing, we say this everyday & sometimes preach it to others like we believe it but do we really practice what we preach? 


Lack of genuine love for oneself can escalate into adverse effects such as low self esteem. According to a recent study, 85% of the world’s population suffer from low self esteem! That’s a whooping 5.950.000.000 people!!! Sometimes the fearless & daring suffer the most, they tend to mask their personality from the world by being judgmental, rude, critical or condescending.


We tend to go through life evaluating ourselves and others according to a scale of worth. The idea of self esteem is the amount of value that we consider we are worth. These values vary from person to person. While we might rate ourselves as being of little value, others might actually rate us much higher. Sometimes having a low self esteem can be a result of negative life experiences, particularly when we’re young & most vulnerable & the environment in which we’re brought up plays a major role, as the saying goes “charity begins at home” if you grew up in a home where kids where made to compete for a prize or position or were pitched against each other, this will affect you & your relationships because you may start to develop insecure thoughts about yourself, such as fear of failure, pessimism, cynicism,  anger, procrastination, unwillingness & so many other negative feelings that prevent us from reaching our full potentials. 


Psychologically, we may love ourselves but fail to psychically put those feelings into actions. Knowing our self worth, how important it is to love ourselves, how deserving we are, just aren’t enough. Doing something about it is what is enough. Taking action towards being the best we can be, bettering ourselves, doing the things we really want to without holding back, & taking care of our bodies & health, shows the dedication, self-responsibility, and love that each one of us has for ourselves. 


So if you really love yourself & believe that you deserve the best of everything, do something about it. Get your health back on track because health is real wealth & doing something about improving it shows the highest form of self love. Get out of the house & meet new people & just have fun. Step out of your comfort zone. Let go of the very thing which is coming in between you & loving yourself. Try new things. You don’t need his/her approval. Learn to say no without explaining yourself. Don’t push yourself too far. Remember your mistakes don’t define you. Take responsibility for your actions. Let go of what needs to go – the abusive relationship you’ve suffered for years because of fear of being alone & finding love again. What people think of you is none of your business. Forgive & forget genuinely. Accept the past, live the present & embrace the future. Don’t be afraid to cut toxic people off. Stop obsessing over your weight & learn to accept & love your body. Don’t let anyone make you feel undeserving or unlovable. Be kind. Take pride in yourself. Open your heart to finding love again no matter how many times you loved & lost. 


We need to stop doubting ourselves for we posses the ability to achieve anything we want & to be whoever we want to be. We are good enough for anyone, we are more than good enough. Let’s really love ourselves, for life is short and it may just pass by with a blink of an eye and before you know it, you’ve only wanted to love yourself yet never did a thing to show it. Just get up and do the things which make you feel good, alive & complete. Focus on being the best version of yourself & everything will work itself out, you might just find true love again, remember we attract who we are not who we want!


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